Sunday, December 21, 2014

Love Is Blind New Seasonal Dinner Menu

Prosecco with Berries
& Mango
And so the tasting begins..
I used to love eating in the kitchen back at my mom's house but I have to admit I hadn't done it in a while. We were invited to go to Love Is Blind, one of Passion Restaurant Groups eateries with a catchy name and a prix fixe menu, to hang out at the kitchen and indulge in a special dinner prepared by Chef Fabio Morisi, who traveled all the way from Europe for the occasion. The dinner consisted of dishes that were being tested for their new seasonal menu (which has since been launched), live presentations from the chef and a selection of wines. We got to give our input into what dishes were our favorites and why, while interacting with the charismatic chef.

Chef Fabio Morisi

After starting with a refreshingly fruity Prosecco,, the tasting began. Chef Morisi described every dish and the ingredients in each, as he took our tastebuds trough a journey across Europe, mingling flavors from Spain and Italy.

Chips with Italian Pico de Gallo
Antipasto - Italian Focaccia with Mortadella
and Prosciutto

Chef Morisi showing us how it's done

Light and Crisp Pizza with Burrata and Fresh Basil

Thinly Sliced Carpaccios with the most mesmerizing Pesto
Tuna Tartar Topped with Strawberries

Burrata Pasta
Preparing our Sweet Finale
Nitrogen Ice-Cream with Berries
Love is Blind is located in the heart of Coral Gables at 225 Altara Avennue. If brunch is your vice, they have a fabulous one on Sundays and you can read all about it here. For more information about Love Is Blind and the new dishes that made the cut, visit their website or call them at 305 748-6118.

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